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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking can refer to various items of property, including consumer goods, IT equipment, vehicles and even heavy plant machinery. We combine unrivalled surveillance expertise and attention-to-detail with the application of precision technology to achieve accurate and effective results.

The tracking equipment we use is robust and durable yet extremely discreet, making it suitable for use in a wide range of situations where correct reporting while remaining undetected are paramount.

Product Tracking

In instances where product theft or removal is suspected, our professional team can introduce technology that will report its location to any remote, web-based recipient at predetermined intervals. This can range from once every five seconds for near real-time tracking, to once every few hours, from virtually anywhere in the world.

Companies transporting or storing large volumes of products can prevent significant loss, whether in terms of finance or sensitive materials and information. Tracking devices can be introduced unobtrusively to bags, boxes and other packaging materials, or reconfigured to integrate with the internal workings of a laptop. Whatever the situation requires, our experts are able to tailor a service to achieve the best possible results.

Vehicle Tracking

Not just suitable for haulage or courier firms that want to track stock, our service can also benefit companies that desire correct information on vehicle locations. Covert tracking instruments can be installed under the body of a vehicle and transmit information to reliably confirm or contradict testament from other sources.

Heavy plant and construction machinery can also be pre-equipped with tracking devices to aid location and recovery or as a preventative measure against potential costly theft. These can remain dormant for significant periods and activated if required or in the event of vehicle loss.

Professional Assessment and Reporting

What we do extends far beyond product installation. Often, one of the most important priorities in asset tracking is to establish what action is required. Our experienced professionals undertake detailed assessments of each individual situation to ascertain the necessary required action. This could involve one or more disciplines including remote or active surveillance, product and vehicle tracking. We employ our accumulated expertise to provide a truly bespoke solution to protect or recover assets as required.

Our service includes comprehensive information reproduction for various purposes including material for court submission. We're able to supply evidential tracksheets that can detail the speed and route of a vehicle and plot points on a map. In addition to the knowledge of our experienced professionals, we can also dedicate resources including 24/7 dedicated covert surveillance, high-quality hardware and logistics that typically are beyond the capabilities of our clients.

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