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Bug Sweeping

Our comprehensive bug sweeping service is a sophisticated counter surveillance service designed for organisations that deal in highly sensitive or confidential communication - typically, high-value multinational companies or public institutions. Such bodies can be targeted by criminals or rival businesses for illegal surveillance to gain information using listening devices, microphones and cameras.

Effective and accurate detection of listening and transmitting devices is a complex and intricate process that can sometimes take several days. Our thorough investigations involve a physical search as well as the application of bug sweeping technology, in order to locate any 'dormant' devices that a brief technical search could overlook. We will remove false ceilings or wall cavities, as well as safely dismantling electrical fittings, computer terminals and phone systems, ensuring nothing is left to chance and replacing everything just as we found it once the search is complete.

Do I Need Counter Surveillance?

This type of service is usually invested in by larger organisations due to the time and resources that need to be devoted to it. Because of the intricate nature of such work, it can be necessary to arrange an investigation several days in advance of your meeting/conference/presentation.

However, it's dangerous to assume that only asset-heavy multinationals can be targeted for counter surveillance. With the rise in availability of cheap bugging devices, more businesses are finding themselves at risk of attack. Our professional team has the experience to undertake in-depth searches with total discretion and a guarantee that any resulting discoveries will be handled with the utmost sensitivity. Many of our clients are retained associates that trust in our attention-to-detail and reliable reporting of findings. This has resulted in the preventative removals of several devices, real savings and peace of mind for many of them.

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