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Fraudulent Account Details

Fraudulent  Account Details


An Undercover Operative was deployed to work and strategically placed in a Call Centre. During the course of their work a conversation was overheard between a co-worker and a Customer which indicated that a package had been delivered which had not been ordered by the Customer. From this information further enquires established that fraudulent Customer Account details had been used to order an expensive piece of electrical equipment.

  • Take proactive action to intercept the delivery of the equipment
  • Liaise with the Police so that an arrest if appropriate can be made
  • Save the Company money by reducing their loss by theft ratio
  • To gather enough evidence to remove criminal from the workplace
  • To deploy an Undercover Operative
  • To gather and collate information
  • Produce comprehensive reports for the Clients on a daily/weekly basis

    The Police were contacted and the following day on delivery of the said item the offender was arrested and their own computer equipment seized. It was later established that the computer contained many thousands of Customer details throughout the width and breadth of the U.K, obtained from numerous internet and telephone based Companies.

Could you be affected?

Are you aware that this type of fraud takes place? Do you monitor and police your staff? Do you have I.T. systems in place to prevent this from happening to your business? As you can see in this example one member of staff was a small fish in the bigger picture which in turn could run into not thousands but millions of pounds in lost revenue. Can your business afford these losses? Work smart, not hard and save from within. An early investment can save you thousands long term.


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