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Stock Loss in a Warehouse

Stock Loss in a Warehouse


High stock loss was discovered in warehouse premises storing large amounts of electrical equipment and consumer goods. Covert CCTV cameras were installed in the warehouse in areas where it was believed the goods were being removed from the premises. It was quickly established that a Manager who had been working for the Company for many years was conveniently creating shift patterns so that he would be left in the warehouse alone.

  • Use our expert knowledge to install covert CCTV cameras at strategic locations
  • Capture the theft taking place
  • Produce enough visual evidence to create prosecution file
  • Compliment visual evidence with a CCTV viewing log/transcript as required by the Client
  • Assist Police with the providing of Statements
  • Identify the most cost effective way to deal with the problem
  • Identify point of call, minimise knowledge of Operation
  • Install covert CCTV equipment
  • Review footage on weekly/bi weekly basis report back to the Client
  • Provide comprehensive reports/statements as required to assist with Prosecution

    The CCTV footage evidenced that the Manager in question brought his own motor vehicle onto the premises and filled it with all manner of consumer goods, to the value of several thousand pounds. The Manager was arrested and a large amount of property recovered. During the course of the investigation the CCTV footage also revealed a further Manager and a number of employees smoking within the Warehouse. The CCTV evidence was of such good quality that all the employees captured smoking on the footage were dismissed for Gross Misconduct.

Could you be affected?

Do you automatically presume that persons in Managerial positions are exempt from Gross Misconduct? Do you monitor your Management Team effectively? Do you know of losses, but not how to be preventative? Work smart, not hard and save from within. An early investment can save you thousands long term.


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