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Theft of Company Fuel

Theft of Company Fuel


During the course of fuel audits in a Distribution Centre it was discovered that over 1,000 worth of diesel that had been taken from the fuel pump used for Company vehicles only, could not be accounted for.

  • Monitor the fuel pump in question for a set period of time
  • Report on anyone using the pump to fuel an unauthorised vehicle
  • Provide an evidential report on our findings
  • After discussing the problem with our Client and designing a cost effective solution, install covert surveillance equipment to monitor the activity at the pump in question
  • Review CCTV footage weekly/bi weekly and report our findings
  • Provide video evidence of such high quality to enable the arrest of persons committing the offence

    Covert CCTV cameras were installed to monitor the pump which revealed that a Manager and a Driver at the Depot were both unlawfully filling their private vehicles with Company fuel. When the Manager was detained his car was searched and further stolen Company property was recovered. Our conclusive evidence meant that both Employees were successfully prosecuted. If this activity had been allowed to continue it would likely have cost the company in excess of 300 per calendar month in diesel via these employees alone. Had it continued the scam may have spread to other colleagues costing the Company even more money?

Could you be affected?

Do you monitor accountability for fuel consumption in your business? Are your fuel pumps monitored and are you protected against activity like this? As we can see in this example a senior and trusted member of staff was found to be stealing fuel regularly, along with other items found in his possession. Within a month of the commencement of the operation we were able to highlight this problem to our Client, saving them thousands of pounds in lost profits. Using our vast experience in this area we can work with you to discretely determine the most unobtrusive cost effective method of attaining reports on Employer activity. Call us now or enquire on-line to arrange a consultation.


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