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Employee Theft

Employee theft costs UK businesses millions of pounds every year. Some surveys put estimates as high as 80 percent of employees at some point have stolen from their workplace. Of course, this may just cover an envelope or postage stamp here and there, but more serious employee theft examples are listed below.

Suveillance and undercover workers can track:

  • Theft of equipment
  • Theft of stock items
  • Company cheque fraud
  • Cash theft from a till or petty cash box
  • Illegal discounts of sale items to third parties
  • Theft of security sensitive information or data protection covered content

Obviously some of these are harder to monitor than others and even tougher to confirm suspicion of. One of the most effective ways to combat employee theft is through smart use of an undercover worker. Juno Group's discreet and professional undercover worker service incorporates everything your organisation requires to ensure workplace theft and fraud is eradicated or kept to an absolute minimum.

Undercover Worker Benefits

Employees are the hardest people to prevent from stealing from your business. For example, investment in CCTV isn't going to achieve much if workers know exactly where the cameras are and what they're looking at. Juno's undercover workers are well prepared and equipped to integrate with existing workforces across several sectors.

They maintain confidentiality and contact with clients, reporting regularly on their findings and observations to ensure that employer suspicions are either allayed or at least directed at the appropriate areas. Thanks to the efforts of an undercover worker, organisations can avoid alienating innocent staff members through unfounded allegations.

A third party's assistance is also helpful in enabling thieves to lower their guard and make mistakes - something which is much less likely to happen if they believe they're under direct scrutiny by their employers.

Get in touch with Juno Group to discuss how to reduce employee theft and give yourself and your business peace of mind.

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