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Forensic Recovery

In response to the huge growth in digital communication devices within business, we now offer a comprehensive forensic recovery service. Whether you're aiming to recover sensitive information for analysis or simply want to salvage data from failed or faulty systems, we have the knowledge and skills to suit your needs.

Mobile Phone Information

Mobile and smartphone content recovery and breakdown is a constantly evolving discipline. Because of this, to achieve it successfully requires the careful application of specialist knowledge and skill.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Accessing information stored on SIM cards
  • Retrieving data on numbers dialled, received and missed
  • SMS retrieval, including inbox, outbox, sent and some deleted items
  • Pictures and video content
  • Contact names and details
  • Numbers stored in a mobile's internal memory
  • Software installation for covert tracking
Any information recovered can be stored sensitively or presented in appropriate format for reporting or court submission if required.

Detailed Data Recovery

We're able to recover and analyse data from personal or networked computer systems, including email and deleted or encrypted information. Our expertise also covers the extraction of data and inputted information from satellite navigation systems, often for use in police investigations. The requirements of any forensic recovery can differ depending on circumstances. Our tailored service includes analysis of a case and expert advice on strategy and recommended action.

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