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How We Work

At Juno we take every unique case as it comes and we employ a "one size does not fit all" policy. In each case we will work face to face with you to identify your problem areas and formulate a tailored solution to enable us to report the facts back to you.


We believe in keeping things simple for you by delivering our reports on time, and by ensuring you are only troubled with relevant intelligence. At the end of the operation we will provide a full evidential trail that in all cases can be used in a Court of Law, Employment Tribunal or at Disciplinary Hearings if so required.


Not only are all our methods of surveillance designed to go under the radar of your staff, but in addition to this our correspondence and invoicing will be handled in a way that provides a smokescreen to both Employees and your Finance Department, ensuring the operation is not compromised in any way shape or form. Precise details of this will be arranged as and when a mutually agreed schedule of works has been put in place.

Strictly Confidential

We will deal with YOU, only YOU, and nobody else unless given precise authority by you. We will not discuss your case with anybody else and a Non Disclosure Agreement will be in place from our first point of contact. We are quite happy to arrange this with your Legal Team if required at your earliest convenience.


At Juno we employ two main tactics to resolve an issue:

Either or both of these methods may be required. This will be determined and aligned with your objectives and your budget.

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