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Professional Witness

Workplace infiltration

Juno Group's professional witness service has been designed to save businesses the inconvenience of devoting time and finances to addressing concerns in this area. It also allows them to gather intelligence via a discreet third party without compromising their own position or impartiality in the workplace. Juno operatives work unobtrusively at the appropriate level, from senior management to shop floor in order to uncover the information that a client may be unable to obtain themselves. A Juno professional witness is able to infiltrate an organisation and position themselves in direct contact with a particular issue or concern, observing and reporting with accuracy so that necessary action can be taken.

Professional Witness Testimony

Acquired knowledge is filtered back directly to the appropriate parties on a daily basis, using comprehensive formal reporting. Clients are also kept up-to-date with any findings via weekly or monthly meetings, as required. In addition to written or verbal reporting, gathered evidence may also include photographic or video content and other elements gathered via surveillance techniques. Juno professional witnesses are also perfectly capable and prepared to present any resulting evidence and supporting documentation to the appropriate parties. Comprehensive case files can be presented at employment tribunals, criminal courts or disciplinary hearings as needed and Juno can offer clients full support throughout the entire process.

Preventing Potential Problems

In addition to addressing current and ongoing problems, a Juno professional witness will also identify areas of possible future difficulty and potential crime. Rather than dealing with each particular case as it occurs on an ad-hoc basis, Juno can help futureproof your organisation to ensure the potential for undetected workplace crime is greatly reduced. Thanks to Juno's competitive pricing structure, the cost of professional and discreet witness services is more favourable than the potential long-term implications of sustained internal illegal activity.

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